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 Encounter is an online game platform 
 No experience grinding, no farming, just quick games 
 in the form of boss fights or small instances 

Play the tutorial encounter
 Familiar movement and camera controls 
Use WSAD to move your character around, rotate the camera with the right mouse button. Use 1 through 9 to cast spells. If you create an account all keybindings become configurable.
Play the tutorial encounter
 Use attack spells to destroy the enemies. Help your party 
 members by healing them or buffing them with helpful auras 
Press tab or use the left mouse button to select your target. Then click the action button or use 1 through 9 to cast the spell onto the target.
Play the tutorial encounter
 To win a game you have to complete objectives 
Objectives are tasks which you have to complete to finish the game. Examples are Kill the boss, Kill all competing players or Collect X number of items.

Before the game begins, you will find yourself in the wardrobe. There you can customize your character. Pick a character class and optional talents.

You can also invite other players into your game. It is usually easier with more players, but you may not get all the achievements. In the wardrobe you have time to chat and work out a strategy.

Once the game begins, you will have a limited time (about 20 minutes) to finish it. If you finish it within the limit and complete all objectives, your attempt will appear on the leaderbord.

Winning a game also gives you access to all assets which were used in it. You can then use those to build your own encounters.

The editor is very simple to use. Although we use a scripting language internally, you don't have to know any programing. Most of the interface is built around number input elements, dropdown menus, checkboxes and buttons.

Meet the team

We've been toying with the idea for this game for a long time, but finally in late 2011 we decided to start working on it. So now here we are, the three of us, working on this little project in our spare time.

Robin Carnecky

  • Studied Computer science, went to work in the industry, decided he needs another challenge, and is doing a PhD now (scientific visualization)
  • Likes hiking, travelling, and sitting at a camp fire
  • Owns a book shelf filled with fantasy books
  • Misses the thrill of exciting boss fights, but not the time games force him to spend at the computer

Tomas Carnecky

  • Studied Software Engineering, then went on to work in the industry
  • Used to play World of Warcraft, back in the days when it was still cool
  • Enjoys playing volleyball during summer and skiing during winter

Yves Ineichen

  • Spends most of his (afk) leisure time bouldering
  • Pretends to be a gourmet when it comes down to coffee
  • Likes to hack the kitchen (proud MC owner) and to read mysterious scrolls on his kindle


We rely on many open-source projects and other works from generous people. Without them we wouldn't be able to create encounter.

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You can contact us via email. If you have a github account, you can also open an issue in our discussion repository.